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AdSnap blocks nearly 100% of in-app

and browser advertisements

while protecting your privacy.

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AdSnap eliminates nearly 100% of in-app and browser advertisements. It removes banners, pop-ups and video ads from mobile apps for games, music, videos, news articles, web browsing, and much more. You can now swipe left, right, or scroll endlessly without interruption.

Protect Your Privacy
Hide from your mobile carrieer and wifi provider

Using VPN and DNS technology, AdSnap protects your personal device from data collection, malware, trackers, and other bots swarming the web. AdSnap keeps your private information, private.

Improve Internet Speed

By eliminating phishing, data collection, and advertising, AdSnap frees up bandwidth on your device while in use – like replacing a leaking pipe. Surfing just got faster. 

AdSnap works in the background without affecting personal use whatsoever. Our ‘cyber shield’ works over network carriers and wifi, and is active 24/7. All you have to do is download the app and activate – we do the rest.
       It's a Snap


Coding Station


We are a team of former military cybersecurity experts.


Our goal is to enable individuals to use their mobile device safely, securely, and seamlessly.


We believe in personal freedom and guarantee your data will not be collected by us.


We want everyone to experience a mobile environment free from advertisements and protected from tracking and data phishing.


Our team’s education, training, and experience allowed us to develop a proprietary technology that enables just such an environment. It was hard work for us, but it’s a snap for you. 



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